Friday, 26th June 2020

You Can Take Your IELTS Test In London Now!

Hi! Just to let everyone know that it is now possible to take your IELTS test in London and other locations in the UK. In locations where it is permitted and safe to do so, IELTS testing is going ahead, with additional precautions in place to help protect the health of test takers and staff. However, you should not attend if you have been in contact with anybody suspected to have been exposed to coronavirus (Covid-19), or if you have a cough, fever or are showing signs of being short of breath. To find a test location in the UK, please… Continue reading…

Tuesday, 26th May 2020

Get Accepted At Oxford Or Imperial!

Positive news! More than 280 leading universities around the world have welcomed IELTS’ new online test, IELTS Indicator, specifically designed to help students who cannot access a language test due to precautions against the spread of Covid-19. Both University of Oxford and Imperial College London accept IELTS Indicator results! See here for more information:

Tuesday, 28th April 2020

IELTS Indicator – A New Online English Language Test

Good news! IELTS has launched a new online test to support students impacted by Covid-19 restrictions. The test can be taken from the comfort and safety of your home and your performance will be marked by IELTS examiners and you will receive your result within seven days. The Academic test assesses the four skills and students will conduct their speaking test face to face with an IELTS examiner via video call. For more information about IELTS Indicator, please see here:


Monday, 30th March 2020

Coronavirus And IELTS Lessons

Hello! The first and most important thing I would like to say is that I sincerely hope everyone is well both physically and mentally during this difficult time. Coronavirus is affecting everyone and let’s hope that the situation improves soon. I would also like to inform everyone that I am currently not meeting people for lessons until further notice. Hopefully in the near future things will be back to normal and I can meet for lessons. However, I can still help anyone who needs to prepare for the IELTS exam! I can do online lessons via Skype and I also… Continue reading…

Monday, 24th February 2020

Pros And Cons Of Computer-Delivered IELTS (Listening Test)

In my last post, I mentioned the pros and cons of doing the Reading component on a computer, but what about the pros and cons of doing the Listening component on a computer? It would seem that out of all the components, doing the Listening component on a computer has the least advantages. In fact, many students prefer the paper-based version of the Listening component.

Pros – You listen with headphones so you can hear the audio properly and be less distracted – The tab key works to move from one part to another – You can highlight words

ConsContinue reading…

Wednesday, 22nd January 2020

Pros And Cons Of Computer-Delivered IELTS (Reading Test)

Many IELTS test-takers choose to do Computer-Delivered IELTS. In my previous post, I mentioned the pros and cons of doing the Writing component on a computer, but what about the pros and cons of doing the Reading component on a computer?

Pros – The passage is on the left side and the questions are on the right side so it is really easy and convenient to read and answer the questions – The font size can be increased to make it easier for you to read – You can highlight any part of the text to make words and sentences… Continue reading…

Friday, 20th December 2019

Pros And Cons Of Computer-Delivered IELTS (Writing Test)

The most significant advantages of doing Computer-Delivered IELTS are in the Writing component. Also, from all the feedback I’ve had from IELTS test-takers, it is clear that being able to do the Writing test on a computer instead of on paper is a great benefit. Here are the pros and cons of doing the Writing test on a computer:

Pros – Typing is more comfortable and faster than writing down answers on paper – There is more scope for editing and re-structuring sentences and you can cut, copy and paste – No fear of crossing out mistakes and making your… Continue reading…

Wednesday, 20th November 2019

Pros And Cons Of Computer-Delivered IELTS

You may already know that you can do the IELTS test on a computer! It is called computer-delivered IELTS or the computer-based test. You can do the Listening, Reading and Writing tests on a computer. The speaking test has not changed and is still done face to face with an examiner. Some of my students ask me if the computer-based test is better than the paper-based test so I thought it would be useful to let everyone know the pros and cons of the computer-based test.

Pros – Easy to type your answers if you are good at typing –… Continue reading…