IELTS Courses

I provide private 1:1 IELTS courses in London.

IELTS Course Information:

  • Preparation for the IELTS Academic Test.
  • Courses aim to help students achieve a band score of 7+.
  • IELTS books, materials and resources are provided for FREE.
  • All courses and lessons are private and 1:1.
  • Course fees should be paid in advance.
  • Hours and lessons should be completed within the course duration.
  • Homework is given, checked and corrected.

 IELTS Course Detail:

  • Academic Writing: Learn useful IELTS vocabulary, structure, strategy and tips for both Task 1 and Task 2.
  • Writing Task 1: Line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, tables, maps, process diagrams and two/three diagram combination. I teach all of these in detail.
  • Writing Task 2: Learn about essay structure, paragraphs, supporting your ideas, strong introductions and conclusions, vocabulary for connecting sentences and paragraphs and topic-related vocabulary.
  • Reading: Learn an effective strategy to find information quickly and accurately, do real practice tests, see questions and answers and get important tips to improve your reading score.
  • Listening: Do real practice tests with CDs and online material and also get important tips to improve your listening score.
  • Speaking: Do many real practice tests under timed conditions and improve your ideas/opinions for many speaking topics. Also improve your fluency, make less grammar and pronunciation mistakes and receive helpful tips to achieve a high speaking score.

IELTS Courses:

CourseCourse DescriptionNumber of HoursCost
Course A1 Week IELTS Exam Preparation Course12£295
Course B2-4 Weeks IELTS Exam Preparation Course15£335
Course C4-6 Weeks IELTS Exam Preparation Course20£395
Course D6 Weeks IELTS Exam Preparation Course (Recommended for people who need lots of help)24£475
Course E8 Weeks IELTS Exam Preparation Course (Recommended for people who need lots of help)26£495
Course FWeekend Intensive IELTS Exam Preparation Course12£295
Course GWeekend Intensive IELTS Exam Preparation Course (Outside of London)12£540
Course H1 Day Intensive IELTS Writing Course (Saturdays 11.30am to 4.30pm)5-6£150

To book a place on a course or to find out more information, either phone/text me or send an email. Alternatively, you can contact me via the contact page.

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