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Pros And Cons Of Computer-Delivered IELTS (Reading Test)

Wednesday, 22nd January 2020

Many IELTS test-takers choose to do Computer-Delivered IELTS. In my previous post, I mentioned the pros and cons of doing the Writing component on a computer, but what about the pros and cons of doing the Reading component on a computer?

– The passage is on the left side and the questions are on the right side so it is really easy and convenient to read and answer the questions
– The font size can be increased to make it easier for you to read
– You can highlight any part of the text to make words and sentences easier to see
– You can copy and paste from the text, thus reducing the chances of typo errors (typing mistakes)

– Some people find it a bit inconvenient to highlight text on a computer
– You cannot use a search function to look for words

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