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Pros And Cons Of Computer-Delivered IELTS (Writing Test)

Friday, 20th December 2019

The most significant advantages of doing Computer-Delivered IELTS are in the Writing component. Also, from all the feedback I’ve had from IELTS test-takers, it is clear that being able to do the Writing test on a computer instead of on paper is a great benefit. Here are the pros and cons of doing the Writing test on a computer:

– Typing is more comfortable and faster than writing down answers on paper
– There is more scope for editing and re-structuring sentences and you can cut, copy and paste
– No fear of crossing out mistakes and making your writing look untidy
– You don’t need to be concerned about poor or terrible handwriting
– The word count appears on the screen so you don’t have to count the words
– Even though the test is on a computer, you will be given a pen and paper that can be used to plan your essay

– You need to be good and reasonably fast at typing
– As a lot of people are typing it may be noisy and distracting
– You may make typo errors (typing mistakes) and may not see them to correct them
– Screens get locked at the mentioned time so you will not be able to make any last minute changes
– The timer does not show seconds in the last minute so you don’t know exactly when the screen will get locked

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