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Pros And Cons Of Computer-Delivered IELTS

Wednesday, 20th November 2019

You may already know that you can do the IELTS test on a computer! It is called Computer-Delivered IELTS or the computer-based test. You can do the Listening, Reading and Writing tests on a computer. The speaking test has not changed and is still done face to face with an examiner. Some of my students ask me if the computer-based test is better than the paper-based test so I thought it would be useful to let everyone know the pros and cons of the computer-based test.

– Easy to type your answers if you are good at typing
– The screens provided are a good size
– Less crowded than the paper-based test
– You get your results quickly (within 5 to 7 days)
– More time slots available

– You need to be good at typing
– As a lot of people are typing it may be noisy and distracting
– Screens get locked at the mentioned time so you will not be able to make any last minute changes

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