Wednesday, 26th June 2019

Achieving A 7.0 In Academic IELTS Writing Task 1

Many of my students ask me what is important in order to achieve a 7.0 or higher in Academic IELTS Writing Task 1. I believe that 6 main things are required:

1. Accurate description of the data/information 2. Consistent use of the correct verb tense 3. Variety of vocabulary, especially different verbs and also adverbs and adjectives if appropriate 4. Making different types of sentences or beginning sentences in different ways 5. Correct use of phrases required for comparing data and trends such as ‘By contrast’ and ‘Similarly’ 6. Only occasional and minor grammar and spelling mistakes

Friday, 26th April 2019

Academic IELTS Writing Task 1: Types Of Diagrams

For Academic IELTS Writing Task 1 the test taker has to write 150 words describing either a line graph, a bar chart, a table, pie charts, a map or a process. Also, sometimes the test taker will need to describe a combination of two diagrams such as a pie chart and a table. It is a good idea to learn the vocabulary for all the Task 1 types and of course practice them as much as possible before the exam. I have written many tips for Task 1 and they can be found on my tips page or inside my… Continue reading…